The majority of Canadians who have travelled by air in the past three months have experienced delays to some extent.

  • Four-in-ten respondents who have traveled by air experienced minor delays, while two-in-ten indicated they experienced major delays.
  • About one-in-ten Canadians stated they will put their air travel plans on hold until wait times at airports start to decrease.

June 14, 2022:

Travelers passing through Canadian airports have been facing longer-than-usual wait-times in the past few months, which, according to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, are due to issues with recruiting employees to meet the ever-increasing demand for air travel as pandemic restrictions continue to ease.[1] To determine the impact of these delays, we asked Canadians about their own experiences.

One-in-six Canadians indicated they have travelled by air in the past three months, and among those who have recently flown, the majority have faced delays to some extent. More specifically, minor delays were experienced by four-in-ten air-travelling Canadians, while two-in-ten experienced major delays. Quebec residents were more likely to have had major delays (27%) whereas residents in the Prairies were less likely to indicate the same (7%).

Those who have travelled by air in the past three months were also asked to share the level of impact that these longer-than-usual wait times will have on their domestic and/or international travel plans. One-half of respondents stated that they will not be changing their travel plans regardless of these wait times. Meanwhile, one-third also stated they will continue to travel by air but will delay somewhat or schedule around busy times. These delays, however, have had a large impact on one-in-eight Canadians travelling by air, who stated that they will wait to travel until wait times are lower.


Results shown are from a survey conducted in partnership between Narrative Research and the Logit Group. The survey was conducted online between May 17 and 19, 2022 with 1,234 Canadians 18 years of age or older from the Logit Group’s Canadian Omnibus. Data were weighted based on the 2016 Census, by gender, age, and region to reflect these population characteristics in each province. As a non-probability sample (i.e., a panel sample where residents have joined a panel to share their opinions), and in accordance with CRIC Public Opinion Research Standards, a margin of error is not applied.   

The question included in this press release included the following:

Have you travelled by air in the last 3 months?

  • Yes
  • No

[If yes to travelling by air] When you travelled by air, did you experience…

  • Major delay(s)
  • Minor delay(s)
  • No delays

[If yes to travelling by air] To what extent have widely experienced longer than usual wait times at Canadian airports affected your plans to travel either domestically within Canada or internationally in the next three months?

  • Large impact – I will wait to travel until wait times lower
  • Moderate impact – I will travel, but will delay somewhat or schedule around busy times
  • Low-to-no impact – no changes to my travel plans
  • Not applicable – I’m not planning on travelling by air

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