NS Liberals maintain high levels of satisfaction and support.

  • Satisfaction with the performance of the provincial government remains strong and well above pre-pandemic levels.
  • Iain Rankin is most preferred as premier.

HALIFAX, June 3, 2021

Nova Scotians’ satisfaction with the overall performance of the provincial government remains high and well above pre-pandemic levels at 75% this quarter (vs. 76% in February 2021 and 48% in February 2020), according to the latest survey by Narrative Research. Satisfaction levels are generally consistent across the province, regardless of region, age and household income.

Despite a change in premier, decided voter support continues to favour the Liberals at 52% (vs. 50% in February), while the PCs have 24% of decided voter intentions (vs. 26% in February). Voter support for the New Democratic Party stands at 19% (vs. 18% in February). The Green Party holds support from five percent of decided voters in the province (vs. 6% in February). The proportion of undecided voters did not change appreciably (33%, compared with 28% in February). Five percent do not plan to vote if an election were held today, and four percent refuse to state a choice.

“These high satisfaction levels are undoubtedly linked to the public’s overall positive response to the government’s handling of the pandemic, including the most recent wave and lockdown actions,” said Margaret Brigley, Narrative Research’s CEO.  “Nova Scotians have a favourable opinion of the new premier, but these results represent a snapshot of public opinion as of the end of May, prior to the launch of reopening plans. In the coming months, satisfaction levels will reflect the public’s perceptions of the Rankin government’s management of its economic recovery plan, including the province’s reopening.”

Newly elected Liberal Party leader Iain Rankin is the preferred choice for Premier, with an increase in preference compared to last quarter (41%, up from 34% in February). Support for Tim Houston stands at 15% (compared with 17% in February), with slightly fewer preferring Gary Burrill (13%, unchanged from February). Jessica Alexander, the new interim leader of the Green Party, is preferred as premier by five percent of the electorate (unchanged from the preference for Thomas Trappenberg in February). Jonathan Dean of the Atlantica Party is preferred by one percent (compared with 2% in February). Two in ten are undecided on the matter of leadership, while four percent prefer none of the party leaders.

These results are part of Narrative Research’s Atlantic Quarterly®, an independent, quarterly telephone survey of Atlantic Canadians, and are drawn from an overall sample of 1200 adult Nova Scotians, conducted from May 4 to 28, 2021, with overall results accurate to within ±2.8 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.

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