NS Liberals continue to enjoy high levels of satisfaction.

Satisfaction with the performance of the provincial government remains stable and well above pre-pandemic levels.

Perceptions of Iain Rankin are generally positive; however, some indicate uncertainty or say it’s too soon to tell.

HALIFAX, March 9th, 2021

Nova Scotians’ satisfaction with the overall performance of the provincial government remains high and well above pre-pandemic levels at 76% this quarter (vs. 73% in November 2020), according to the latest survey by Narrative Research. The level of satisfaction is lower in Cape Breton (67%), compared to levels in Halifax Regional Municipality (77%) and the rest of mainland (79%).  

This survey was conducted immediately following the Liberal leadership convention, where Iain Rankin was named leader of the NS Liberal Party, and subsequently became Premier of Nova Scotia.

Despite a change in leadership, decided voter support continues to favour the Liberals at 50% (vs. 49% in November), while the PCs have 26% of decided voter intentions (vs. 25% in November). Voter support for the New Democratic Party stands at 18% (vs. 21% in November). The Green Party holds support from six percent of decided voters in the province (vs. 5% in November). The proportion of undecided voters remains stable (28%, compared with 32% in November). Further, five percent would not vote if an election were held today, and five percent refuse to state a choice.

“There is no question that the public has supported the McNeil government’s actions in managing the pandemic,” said Margaret Brigley, Narrative Research’s CEO.  “Those actions appear to bode well for our new premier.  Premier Rankin’s challenge will now be to make his own mark, while continuing to navigate through these unprecedented times.”

Newly elected Liberal Party leader Iain Rankin is the preferred choice for Premier this quarter, although there has been a notable drop in preference compared to last quarter (34% Rankin, compared with 43% for McNeil in November). Support for Houston stands at 17% (compared with 16% in November), with slightly fewer preferring Burrill (13%, compared with 15% from November). Trappenberg is preferred as Premier by five percent of the electorate (compared with 3% in November), and Dean by two percent (compared with 1% in November). One-quarter (25%) of residents are undecided on the matter of leadership, while four percent prefer none of the party leaders.

Perceptions of Iain Rankin are generally positive, with over one-half of residents (55%) reporting a favourable overall opinion. Conversely, one in ten (12%) indicate an unfavourable opinion, while a similar portion (10%) believe it’s too soon to say and one-quarter (23%) are unsure.

These results are part of Narrative Research’s Atlantic Quarterly®, an independent, quarterly telephone survey of Atlantic Canadians, and are based on an overall sample of 800 adult Nova Scotians, conducted from February 8 – 27 2021, with overall results accurate to within ±3.5 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.

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