NL Liberals maintain decided voter support, see slight decline in satisfaction.

  • Satisfaction with the performance of the provincial government has dropped, although is still notably above pre-pandemic levels
  • Despite the shift in leadership from Dwight Ball to Andrew Furey, voting intentions for the Liberal party remain strong.  

HALIFAX, August 27, 2020: After reaching a record high level in the spring quarter, satisfaction with the overall performance of the Liberal government led by outgoing Premier Dwight Ball has shifted downwards, albeit still reflecting a strong majority level of satisfaction. Seven in ten (69%) of Newfoundland and Labrador residents are satisfied with the performance of the provincial government this quarter (down from 78% in May 2020), according to the latest survey by Narrative Research.

Despite a shift in leadership (which occurred prior to this survey being conducted), decided voter support for the Liberals has remained steady at 61% this quarter (vs 60% in May 2020). Voter support for the Progressive Conservatives stands at 21% (vs 26% in May 2020). Support for the New Democratic Party remains consistent at 15% (vs 13% in May 2020), while Green Party support remains consistent with the previous quarter at 2% (vs 1% in May 2020). Just over two in ten (22%) residents in the province are unsure who they would vote for if an election was held today. Four percent do not plan to vote, and three percent refuse to state their choice.

When considering leadership preference, new Liberal leader Andrew Furey maintains the gap that developed at the end of Premier Ball’s tenure. Furey is most preferred by 46% of residents (vs outgoing Premier Ball’s 48% in May 2020). Ches Crosbie is preferred by 17% of residents (vs 21% in May 2020), while Alison Coffin holds at 12% (vs 11% in May 2020). Two in ten (19%) residents are undecided on the matter of leadership, while six percent prefer none of the leaders or another candidate not listed.

“This continued level of support for the Liberal party and its leadership reflects the high level of confidence in the party throughout the pandemic,” said Margaret Brigley, CEO of Narrative Research.  “It’s apparent that residents feel Dwight Ball has left the party in good hands with Premier Andrew Furey.”

These results are part of Narrative Research’s Atlantic Quarterly®, an independent, quarterly telephone survey of Atlantic Canadians, and are based on a sample of 401 adult residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. The survey was conducted from August 4 – 18, 2020, with overall results accurate to within ±4.9 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.

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