A significant number of Atlantic Canadians are considering purchasing an electric vehicle in the next year, and electric vehicle purchase intent is closely tied to concern about climate change.

December 21, 2021

With the rise of gas prices during the pandemic and the increasing availability of electric vehicle charging stations, we sought to understand how interested Atlantic Canadians are in buying an electric vehicle.

Three in ten Atlantic Canadians (29%) are considering a new or used vehicle purchase in the next year (including cars, SUVs and trucks), and of those, over four in ten (42%) are considering an electric vehicle. Likelihood of considering an electric vehicle is highest in Prince Edward Island (48%) and Newfoundland and Labrador (48%), and lowest in Nova Scotia (35%).

Demographically, those between 18 and 34 years of age are more likely to be interested in buying an electric vehicle (67%), compared with those aged between 35 and 54 (33%) or those 55 or over (43%). Interest rises with level of education, and is also higher among those who have a low and medium annual household income.

Atlantic Canadians who are considering the purchase of a car or an SUV are more likely to buy an electric vehicle (44%), as compared with only one-quarter of those who are considering buying a truck (27%), which is likely related to availability of these types of vehicles.

Residents who are considering an electric vehicle are more likely to be concerned about climate change, are personally taking more action to help address the crisis, and believe that driving electric vehicles can help to reduce the impact on climate change. 

This survey was conducted from November 5 – November 12, 2021 with 1,558 Atlantic Canadians from Narrative Research’s online panel, East Coast Voice. As a non-probability sample (i.e., a panel sample where residents have joined a panel to share their opinions), and in accordance with CRIC Public Opinion Research Standards, a margin of error is not applied. 

Questions included in this release include the following:

  • To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
    • I am concerned about climate change
    • I am personally taking action to help address climate change
    • Driving electric vehicles instead of gas/diesel vehicles reduces the impact on climate change
  • How likely are you to purchase a car/SUV/truck in the next year?
  • As you think about the vehicle you may buy in the next year, are you considering an electric vehicle?

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